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The Crystal Beach Candy Co. is located in Fort Erie, Ontario, just minutes away from the site of the famous Crystal Beach Amusement Park. The Amusement Park was famous for many things including the "Comet" roller coaster, the beautiful Dance Hall, delicious Sugar Waffles, and the Hall's Original Suckers.

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Kevin O'Neill of Channel 2 in Buffalo visits the Crystal Beach Candy Company ( April, 29, 2015 )



Sadly the park closed its doors for good on Labor Day 1989 after 101 years, leaving us with only the happy memories. The Crystal Beach Candy Co.
has come to the rescue of those needing a sugar fix, by bringing back the suckers and sugar waffles using the original recipes used at the park.


S o u v e n i r   G i f t   B o x e s  -  Now  Available, holds 10 Suckers!


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